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International jazz star Avishai Cohen joins the Blue Note family

PARIS – 13 NOVEMBER 2008 — EMI Music’s Blue Note label is proud to announce that its French team has signed a worldwide deal with charismatic bassist/composer/singer & band leader Avishai Cohen.

Born April 20, 1970 in Israel, this extraordinary and eclectic artist is widely considered to be one of the biggest new stars on the international jazz scene, reaching out to a broad audience around the world and becoming a much in demand musician in multiple genres. In 2003 he made a studio recording with pop-soul artist Alicia Keys, he has performed concert works with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and The Boston Pops Symphony and most recently was appointed Artistic Director for the Eilat Red Sea Festival.

Cohen has been called “a jazz visionary of global proportions” by top American jazz music magazine Down Beat, and declared “one of the 100 Most Influential Bass Players of the 20th Century” by Bass Player magazine. His debut release for Blue Note, which will be his 11th album as an ensemble leader, will be recorded in December 2008 in Paris with the release scheduled for spring 2009.

“To me, the Blue Note label means some of my favourite jazz albums of all times, whether it’s Wayne Shorter or Lee Morgan. I am very proud and excited to be a part of this family.” said Avishai Cohen.

“Avishai Cohen’s talent is one of a kind. His musicality, lyricism and energy combined with a true sense of melody in his compositions make Avishai a unique artist on the international jazz scene. His fan base is already strong in France, Israel and in the US and we are confident that his music will connect with both jazz fans and an ever wider audience worldwide,” said Jean-Claude Ghrenassia, Director, Artist and Repertoire, EMI Music France.

Avishai Cohen will be a featured artist in this year’s much-awaited Blue Note Rec Festival in Paris in April 2009, one of the events scheduled across the globe to celebrate the label’s 70th anniversary.



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