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EMI’s ‘NOW’ album scales new heights

The UK’s longest-running compilation series, Now That’s What I Call Music… scales new heights with its latest release Now That’s What I Call Music 70.

Official Charts Company figures released today reveal that NOW…70 is this week’s best-selling album in the UK, outselling the rest of Top 20 best-selling albums (both compilations and artist albums) combined. With 383,002 units sold in its first week, it is also the year’s fastest-selling album to date.

This feat marks the best first week sales performance of any of the NOW… albums since the hits series was launched in 1983. In fact, the last two NOW albums have provided the biggest first week sales in the series’ history showing that despite its longevity the brand continues to go from strength to strength.

In the UK alone, the numbered NOW.. series has sold over 75 million units. Offshoots, including Now…Dance, individual Now…Years and Now…Christmas, bring the total to over 85 million.

The concept was the brainwave of a number of Virgin Records executives with the first NOW released in December 1983. The series is a joint venture between EMI and Universal Music (EMI owns the NOW trademark) and has been compiled by Ashley Abrams since NOW 3.

A number of special edition releases are planned later in the year to mark the 25th anniversary of the Now…series.

1st week sales performances of the last 5 Now…albums:

Now 70 – 383,002
Now 69 – 382,759
Now 68 – 280,172
Now 67 – 226,630
Now 66 – 288,579

All sales figures courtesy of the Official Charts Company.

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