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EMI & Virgin Classics artists hit high notes at Germany’s ECHO Classics Awards ceremony

MUNICH, 20 OCTOBER 2008 — EMI Classics is proud to announce that its artists won eight awards at Germany’s ECHO Classics Awards ceremony in Munich on October 19th. Counter tenor Philippe Jaroussky received the highly-prestigious Singer of the Year award. His extraordinary performance of the aria Alto Giove from the opera Polifemo, by composer Nicola Porpora to a packed Munich Philharmonic hall was one of the evening’s highlights.

EMI Classics and Virgin Classics 2008 ECHO award-winners include:

  • Philippe Jaroussky, Singer of the Year: Carestini -Story of a Castrato (Virgin Classics)
  • Nigel Kennedy, Instrumentalist of the Year – Violin, Polish Spirit (EMI Classics)
  • Emmanuelle Haim, Ensemble/Orchestra of the Year – Ancient Music: Bach, Händel: Magnificat / Dixit Dominus (Virgin Classics)
  • Belcea Quartet, Chamber Music Ensemble of the Year: Béla Bartók: String Quartets 1-6 (EMI Classics)
  • Martha Argerich, Concerto Recording of the Year – 20th/21st Century, Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No.1 (EMI Classics)
  • Natalie Dessay, Opera Recording of the Year – 19th Century, Bellini: La Sonnambula (Virgin Classics)
  • Sabine Meyer, Chamber Music Recording of the Year – 20th/21st Century, Wind Music, Various Composers: French Clarinet Sonatas (EMI Classics)
  • David Fray, Solo Recording of the Year – 20th/21st Century, Bach, Boulez: Klavierwerke (Virgin Classics)



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