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EMI Music signs up for the launch of the Datz Music Lounge

Millions of tracks, thousands of artists, yours to keep forever – one special price

Datz, the online music download store and community website, today announced the launch of the Datz Music Lounge; a revolutionary new way to buy and enjoy music. Music lovers can now have the music they want for a single one off cost.

The Datz Music Lounge lets you download as many tracks as you want over the course of a year for a one off cost of £99.99 (RRP). Members of The Datz Music Lounge can keep all the tracks they have downloaded forever. Every song is in MP3 format, free from DRM and 100% legal. Music can be transferred to an iPod, MP3 player or a mobile phone.

Featuring millions of songs from thousands of artists, the catalogue of hits includes everything from classic artists to modern stars. In addition a wide selection of new music released in 2009 will be available to Datz Music Lounge members, enabling them to enjoy the hits of the future as well as an incredible back catalogue.

The Datz Music Lounge has been created by leading music download site Datz.com along with leading record labels to encourage people to find new ways of enjoying legal digital music. Record labels whose catalogues will be part of the Datz Music Lounge at launch include Beggars, EMI Music, The Orchard & Warner Music with more joining over the coming months

Michael Richardson, Managing Director of Datz says: “We wanted to find a safe and legal way for users to download music to keep. With literally thousands of artists and millions of tracks all in unlocked MP3 format, the Datz Music Lounge provides safe, carefree downloading for all music enthusiasts. Datz Music Lounge gives people a way to bolster their back catalogue, try new music and rediscover artists they love. All the music is theirs to keep forever and they can download anything they like for one year after they join The Datz Music Lounge. Not only does The Datz Music Lounge fundamentally change the way people can enjoy music, it also provides one of the greatest offers of all time.”

Matthew Crosswaite, SVP Sales & Commercial Development – UK & Ireland, EMI Music said: “The Datz Music Lounge offering is a new and innovative way for consumers to gift digital music via high street retailers – just in time for the peak season. The product is subscription based and will be a valuable and insightful tool for understanding how consumers explore and react to EMI’s deep and rich back catalogue.”

Greg Scholl, president and chief executive officer of The Orchard, added, “Datz Music Lounge is exciting and innovative, and showcases both The Orchard’s significant music catalogue, and fundamentally differentiated marketing and merchandising capabilities. Being selected as their partner for vital independent sector is an honor, and we are proud to call Datz a client.”

Music is downloaded DRM free to a PC or Mac in MP3 format. The user can then transfer the music to any music playing device. Users can purchase the limited edition Datz Music Lounge gift box, available from leading high street retailers or online at www.datzmusiclounge.com. Simply insert the Music Lounge CD and USB key into your computer and start building a record collection over the following 12 months, safe in the knowledge that the music is 100% legal, 100% original and 100% yours to keep forever.


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