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EMI Music Publishing extends its partnership with award winning rock songwriter and producer Brian Howes

New York, 12 June 2008 – EMI Music Publishing, the world’s leading music publisher, has extended its global agreement with hit Canadian producer and songwriter Brian Howes.

The exclusive co-publishing deal will see EMI Music Publishing represent Howes’ extensive catalogue of songs around the world. Howes has recently penned songs with artists including Puddle of Mudd, Skillet, Daughtry and Hinder, whose album Extreme Behavior he produced. Lips Of An Angel, which he co-wrote with the band, was recently named Song of the Year and Internet Song of the Year at the 2008 BMI Pop Awards. Howes is currently in the studio with Hinder, completing work on their eagerly-anticipated second album.

Howes recently launched Van Howes Studios in his native Vancouver, and made rock band Rev Theory his first signing to his Van Howes Records imprint with Interscope. Rev Theory – who are also signed to EMI Music Publishing – release their debut album Light It Up this week. The track Light It Up has already been used as an official theme song by World Wrestling Entertainment’s Wrestlemania 24, while Hell Yeah was the number one most added song at Active Rock Radio in its debut week.

EMI Music Publishing Executive Vice President of East Coast Creative Dan McCarroll commented: “I’ve been working with Brian for many years, and he’s on a real creative high right now. With his own label and studios, he’s working harder than ever, and he keeps writing and producing hit after hit. We’re incredibly proud of our relationship with Brian, and really pleased that we’ve reached this agreement to develop the partnership further.”

Brian Howes said: “Dan and the team at EMI Music Publishing have always been very supportive of me, and they just go above and beyond to help me develop my career. With a new label, a new studio and a new publishing deal, I’m looking forward to the years ahead.”

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About EMI Music Publishing

EMI Music Publishing’s 1.3 million copyrights include some of the best-known songs ever written, such as New York New York, You’ve Got A Friend, The James Bond Theme, Lady Marmalade, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Always On My Mind, Over The Rainbow, I Heard It Through The Grapevine and Singin’ In the Rain. Its current hit-making writers and producers include Arctic Monkeys, Beyoncé, James Blunt, Alan Jackson, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Pink, Usher, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Amy Winehouse.

For more information, please contact:

Dylan Jones
EMI Music Publishing, New York
Tel: + 1 212 492 1230
Email: djones@emimusicpub.com

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