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EMI Music makes further senior appointment

LONDON, 16 APRIL 2008 — EMI Music today announced a further senior appointment as it continues to put in place the new shape of the company and its leadership.

Nick Gatfield, president of A&R Labels, North America and UK

Nick Gatfield has agreed to join EMI Music as president of A&R Labels, North America and UK.

Gatfield joins EMI from Universal Music, the world’s largest music company, where he has been president of the Universal Island Records Group since 2001. As well as signing five times Grammy Award winner Amy Winehouse, who has sold close to nine million copies of her Back to Black album, Gatfield has also overseen the recording careers of Keane, Mika, The Fratellis, McFly, Busted, Sugababes, The Feeling and new artists Robyn and Sam Sparro.

From 1993 to 1998, Gatfield worked in Los Angeles for PolyGram, then the world’s leading music group that was merged into Universal in 1998. At PolyGram’s Polydor Records, where he became president, he presided over successful signings such as the platinum-selling Tonic and the Badlees and also reinvigorated the label’s catalogue business. In 1998 he received the Corporate Luminary Award from the American Society of Young Musicians. He was also made responsible for PolyGram’s music publishing operation in the US in 1998. Gatfield began his business career at EMI Records in the UK.

Guy Hands, executive chairman of EMI, said: “As well as developing some of today’s most popular artists and music around the world, Nick has also demonstrated his talents for embracing and delivering change. At Universal Island he has led a complete turnaround of the label in both creative and financial terms and built it into the most successful domestic repertoire label in the UK. I am delighted that Nick is joining EMI and I believe the combination of Nick Gatfield and Douglas Merrill working together will enable EMI to reposition itself in new music.”

Gatfield said: “A&R has always been at the heart of EMI and its labels and the company has an incredibly strong track record in signing and developing some of the most innovative artists in the world. It is also a company that is leading the most ambitious transformation of the music industry. My goal is to nurture that culture of creativity and change, working in true partnership with the talented artists and A&R people at EMI. In addition I am extremely excited about EMI’s determination to embrace a new way of working with artists that recognises both the importance of the history of the labels but also the importance of new technologies.”

Nick will have all the company’s label heads in North America and the UK reporting to him.

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