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EMI Music appoints Billy Mann as president – international A&R Labels; David Kassler becomes president – Europe/Middle East/Africa

LONDON, 4 JULY 2008 — EMI Music has appointed Billy Mann and David Kassler to the key international roles of president, A&R Labels – international, and president – Europe, Middle East and Africa, respectively. They succeed Jean-Francois Cecillon who steps down from his executive roles at the end of next week.

Billy Mann, who has been EMI Music’s chief creative officer since the beginning of this year, is appointed to the additional role of president, A&R Labels – international, assuming direct responsibility for artist development in all countries outside North America and the UK.

Mann will work closely with Nick Gatfield who, as previously announced, will join EMI Music as president, A&R Labels – North America and UK, on 15 July.

David Kassler becomes president – Europe/Middle East/Africa with regional responsibility for business and financial delivery.

In addition, at EMI Music France where Cecillon was president and CEO, Nathalie Collin becomes chairman, reporting to David Kassler.

Guy Hands, executive chairman of EMI Group, said: “With Nick leading our A&R offensive in North America and the UK, complemented by Billy in the rest of the world, we have two strong, artist-driven talents in place who will help steer EMI into a new phase of creativity working in true partnership with artists.”


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