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EMI MSF beneficiary Peter Moore wins BBC Young Musician of the Year competition

The EMI Music Sound Foundation (EMIMSF) is delighted to have helped BBC’s Young Musician of the Year Peter Moore with funds this March towards the purchase of the trombone he played at this year’s competition. Peter started playing the trombone aged six. He is now in year 7 at Chethams School of Music where he plays in many groups and ensembles while also holding the position of principal trombone of the National Children’s Band of Great Britain for the last three years.

2008 marks the 30th anniversary of BBC Young Musician of the Year, the UK’s most prestigious classical music competition for young people. At 12 years old, Peter was the youngest musician in the final competition held at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Peter said: “I couldn’t have played some of the pieces that I used throughout the competition without the Yamaha Xeno. It has really made a difference to me.”

The Foundation is proud and delighted to be able to help music students like Peter with the vital funds they need to purchase instruments as well as maintaining our investment in KS1 Music. Over this academic year 26 of the 34 secondary schools with which we are associated have each been working in partnership with their feeder schools in helping to deliver KS1 music more effectively. Each secondary school was offered £5000 by EMI MSF to be spent on specialist music training for teachers from its primary feeder schools plus primary music resources. The Institute of Education has been engaged to monitor and evaluate the impact these funds will make and will be reporting its findings in September.

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Janie Orr
020 7795 7295


About the EMI Music Sound Foundation

The Foundation is an independent music education charity, founded in 1998. To date we have:

  • Awarded over £3m to schools, individuals and music teachers
  • Helped over 1200 children to buy instruments
  • Helped 220 music students with bursaries
  • Sponsored 34 secondary schools to become specialist music and performing arts colleges

About the Institute of Education

Professor Susan Hallam is a professor of education at the Institute of Education and head of the Institute’s School of Lifelong Education and International Development. She pursued careers as both a professional musician and music educator before becoming an academic in 1991.

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