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EMI Group announces senior appointments to run key business units

London, 3 March 2008: EMI Group, one of the world’s leading music groups, is pleased to announce two important appointments to run two new major business units within its recorded music division, EMI Music.

Stephen Alexander is appointed as Executive Vice President of EMI Music Catalogue, Compilations, Studios and Archives (CCSA), a new group that is intended to maximise the value and the revenue from the Group’s back catalogue for both the Company and its artists.

Stephen has been a Managing Director at Terra Firma for the past five years, and has more than 25 years’ experience of running consumer businesses. His immediate priorities are to ensure the continued delivery of targeted consumer products, in multiple formats, derived from EMI’s rich and varied catalogue.

Ronn Werre is meanwhile appointed as Executive Vice President of EMI Music Licensing and Synch, in addition to his role as EVP of Global Sales. In this expanded role he will look to develop EMI’s already successful operation that maximises the licensing revenue opportunities for EMI and EMI’s artists across the full media spectrum.

Werre joined EMI Music in 1998 as VP of major accounts and took on increasingly expanded roles. In 2005 he was appointed President of EMI Music Marketing in North America overseeing sales, catalogue, synch, licensing and special markets. Prior to EMI, he held key sales and marketing positions for consumer products companies, including Procter and Gamble, Campbell Soup, Quaker Oats and Coca-Cola.

Speaking about his new role, Stephen Alexander commented: “I am delighted to accept this new role. EMI has one of the most important music catalogues and archives in the world, with artists that include The Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd, Dean Martin, the Beach Boys, Bob Seger, Maria Callas and many others. The team and I will work to ensure we make the most out of this fantastic resource, bringing it to the widest possible audience.”

Ronn Werre added: “I am very pleased to take on this expanded role. Licensing and Synch are fast-growing areas of the music industry and ones where EMI has scored some notable successes in recent years. Together with the team I am looking forward to building on this performance.”

Guy Hands, EMI Group Chairman, said: “I am looking forward to working with Stephen and Ronn in these important roles. We have a responsibility to all our artists to maximise the returns on their music, both when newly released and over many years. Stephen’s and Ronn’s skills and drive will deliver real benefits to them.”

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