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EMI artists win seven BRIT Awards

London, 21 February 2008 – EMI’s songwriters and artists enjoyed a tremendous night at the BRIT Awards yesterday with wins for Arctic Monkeys, Take That, Kylie Minogue, Mark Ronson and Kanye West, which meant that more than half of all the awards went to EMI talent. For the second consecutive year EMI Music Publishing songwriters won BRITs in half of the 12 categories.

As well as collecting his award for British Solo Male Artist, Mark Ronson performed at the show in London, as did International Female Solo Artist winner Kylie Minogue who is signed to EMI Music’s Parlophone label. EMI Music Publishing writer Amy Winehouse performed her song Love Is A Losing Game and joined Ronson on stage for his hit Valerie.

Both Ronson and Winehouse, as well as International Male Solo Artist winner Kanye West, were big winners at last week’s Grammy awards in Los Angeles. Winehouse scored five wins including Song Of The Year for Rehab, West won four Grammys including Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album and Ronson won the Best Producer award.

The full list of EMI winners is:

British Live Act
Take That (EMI Music Publishing)

International Male Solo Artist
Kanye West (EMI Music Publishing)

British Male Solo Artist
Mark Ronson (EMI Music Publishing)

International Female Solo Artist
Kylie Minogue (EMI Music)

British Group
Arctic Monkeys (EMI Music Publishing)

British Single
Take That – Shine (EMI Music Publishing)

British Album
Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare (EMI Music Publishing)

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