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Dierks Bentley marks first five years with greatest hits album in stores May 6, 2008

“DB Hits/Fan Project” integral part of album rollout

NASHVILLE, TN (Feb. 19, 2008) – Country music star Dierks Bentley is giving music fans creative control of his forthcoming greatest hits album by allowing them to handpick special content, cover art and the album title for the project, due in stores May 6, 2008 on Capitol Nashville.

In addition to Bentley’s 10 Top 10 and No. one radio hits and two highly anticipated new tracks, visitors to www.dierks.com will be able to select their favorite live recordings, choose photos, and even name the album through the first-of-its-kind “DB Hits/Fan Project” program.

Beginning Friday, Feb. 22, Bentley’s fan club members will have exclusive voting rights for the first 24 hours before opening “DB Hits/Fan Project” to the general public the following day. The program will run for three weeks, and Bentley will unveil the results at an online town hall meeting on April 1. The first 3,000 fans participating will get the privilege of having their name listed as an executive producer in the final album’s liner notes, and a donation to Vanderbilt Childrens’ Hospital will also be made in their honor.

“2008 is all about the fans,” said Bentley. “I can’t think of a better way to get my fans involved than to have them actually act as executive producers of this record. I hope the end result will be the perfect album for the hard-core fan and also a really cool abridged version for the casual fan who wants to know more about what we’ve been up to the last five years.”

Often referred to as the “hardest working man in country music,” Bentley has spent the last five years connecting with fans one at a time through his energetic live show played in every nook and cranny of the US and Canada. With a touring schedule that topped off at 300 dates a year at its busiest, it’s hard to imagine the country music star having any time to stop and enjoy all of the career milestones he’s achieved in such a short time.

“Putting this album out is a way for us to mark the first five years with something special for the fans without spending too much time looking back,” said Bentley. “We’ve got a lot of big things in store in 2008 and 2009 and plenty of work to do out on the road!”

Bentley is currently in the studio working on his fourth studio album of original material and his THROTTLE WIDE OPEN tour is back in full swing with dates this week in Auburn Hills, MI, Chicago, IL and Battle Creek, MI.

For other upcoming appearances, visit www.dierks.com.


Mary Hilliard Harrington

Dixie Owen
Capitol Nashville

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