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Dierks Bentley chosen as first-ever country artist to participate in Xbox LIVE ‘Game With Game’ and Xbox LIVE artist of the month program

NASHVILLE, TN – June 25, 2008 – “No more singing, just killing” Dierks Bentley communicated in the studio early last week through a wireless headset and controller as he shifted his focus from recording his next album to rocket launchers and sniper riffles in an online, trash-talking battle of Halo® 3, as the first country artist to team up with Xbox 360′s “Game with Fame” program. The event was just one element of Dierks having been chosen as the first-ever Country artist for the Xbox LIVE Artist of the Month program during the month of May.

Xbox LIVE is the premiere online gaming experience, with over 12 million members worldwide, and the Xbox Game with Fame program is an opportunity for celebrities to interact with their fans and potential new fans while playing their favorite games and talking online. Dierks joins the ranks of artists like Ludacris, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Kanye West, KoRn, and Velvet Revolver, as well as athletes like Andy Roddick, Brady Quinn, Larry Johnson, and Jason Giambi, who have all participated.

While playing, Bentley casually chatted with his competitors about their favorite games and hometowns, and several even requested songs which he graciously obliged. However, he soon realized that singing and playing video games at the same time is an arduous task.

“I just met with Dierks Bentley in combat on Halo 3,” blogged one fan on the Xbox 360 “Game with Fame” site. “He seems like an amazing person, very cool and real. We played four matches, the first in which I received MVP. I did not get to play on his team but at least I can now say ‘I played with … ‘ and ‘I killed …’ Dierks Bentley on Halo 3.’”

A fan of Xbox 360 and the Halo® series, Dierks played more than a dozen slayer matches, and even posted the high “kill” score during one of the battles, while more than 100 gamers eagerly signed up to join forces or compete against country music’s rising superstar.

For more info and player recounts on Dierks’ gaming adventure, check out the Xbox 360′s “Game with Fame” site by clicking http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/calendar/gamewithfame/2008/0620-dierksbentleyrecap.htm

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