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Coldplay’s new single ‘Violet Hill’ has been downloaded by two million people since it was made available a week ago

The single, which is released commercially today (May 6) would have outsold the whole of last week’s UK Top 40 four times over

LONDON, 6 MAY 2008 –Coldplay’s new single Violet Hill is now available commercially through regular digital outlets. For the past week it has been available free only through coldplay.com

In the past seven days the single has been downloaded for free by a staggering two million people, meaning that it would have outsold the combined UK Top 40 singles in the chart four times over last week!

The group’s new album Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends is released on 16/17 June (12 June in the UK).

Please keep checking www.coldplay.com for details of the two previously announced free shows that the band will play:



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