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Blue Note Records takes New York

Legendary jazz label celebrates 70th/25th anniversary with an invasion of Blue Note artists in New York City venues

On January 27, Blue Note Records will officially kick off “Blue Note Records Takes New York,” an all-out invasion of New York City jazz clubs and music halls in honor of the label’s anniversary. “Blue Note Records Takes New York” will feature 20 past and present artists from Blue Note’s legendary roster performing in 10 different venues throughout the city. Please see full schedule below.

In 1939, Blue Note Records was founded in Manhattan as a small independent jazz label run by two German immigrants, and has gone on to become the premiere jazz label in the world, and also the longest running. In 2009, Blue Note will celebrate two milestones when it commemorates both the 70th anniversary of the label’s founding by Alfred Lion, as well as the 25th anniversary of its re-launch in 1984 under current President Bruce Lundvall. The coming year will feature the music, imagery and legend of Blue Note with a range of multi-media offerings, including live concerts, special digital and physical re-issues and new releases, The Blue Note 7; an all-star tribute band of current jazz luminaries, book releases, festival honors, merchandise and much more.


January 6
Blue Note Records’ 70th Birthday

January 6-11
Eliane Elias
Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola / Jazz at Lincoln Center

January 8-11
Blue Train Revisited featuring Curtis Fuller

January 22
Amos Lee
The Allen Room / Jazz at Lincoln Center

January 27
PRIVATE LAUNCH EVENT featuring Lou Donaldson & Dr. Lonnie Smith
Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola / Jazz at Lincoln Center

January 27 – February 1
Lou Donaldson
Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola / Jazz at Lincoln Center

January 27 – February 1
Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Jazz Standard

February 9-10
Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis featuring Norah Jones
Rose Theater / Jazz at Lincoln Center

February 10-15
Cassandra Wilson
Blue Note Jazz Club

February 13-14
Anita Baker
Radio City Music Hall

February 13-14
Bill Charlap
The Allen Room / Jazz at Lincoln Center

February 17-22
Terence Blanchard

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