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And the beat goes on – out-of-print CDs from EMI Music to be made available on Amazon.com, providing customers with greater music selection

SEATTLE–Amazon.com, EMI Music and SONY BMG today announced that they will bring back the music of hundreds of highly coveted out-of-print albums on CD through CreateSpace “Disc on Demand” and to offer these titles on Amazon.com. Formerly out-of-print albums now available to Amazon customers include Hatari Soundtrack by Henry Mancini, Earthquake Weather by Joe Strummer and Motorcade of Generosity by Cake as well as albums from the legendary Blue Note catalogue, such as Telepathy by Bill Stewart, Foreign Intrigue by Tony Williams and Carryin’ On by Grant Green. The new CDs will be manufactured on-demand and shipped when customers place an order.

“This is an exciting day for music fans and Amazon customers. Through our partnerships with SONY BMG and EMI music, Amazon customers have an even greater selection of music to choose from today,” said Peter Faricy, vice president of music and movies at Amazon.com. “CreateSpace ‘Disc on Demand’ is not only making out-of-print albums available once again, but it’s also enabling digital-only titles and international titles that haven’t been released in the U.S. to be made available on CD. Music lovers and artists can now share and discover new music more easily on Amazon.”

In addition to reviving out-of-print music titles, record labels and content providers are also using CreateSpace “Disc on Demand” to exclusively release new titles on Amazon.com, including the next title in the popular KCRW “Sounds Eclectic” series and the Wind-up Records soundtrack to the ESPN program “World’s Strongest Man.”

Notable record labels including, Rhino Records, Wind-up Records, Vanguard Records and Naxos, are also using CreateSpace “Disc on Demand” to offer their wide selection of music albums on-demand to millions of Amazon.com customers.

To find out more about CreateSpace and “Disc on Demand,” please visit www.createspace.com. To browse Amazon’s continuously growing selection of music titles, visit www.amazon.com/music.

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