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VidZone Digital Media and EMI Music ink major deal

London, June 27 2007 — VidZone Digital Media and EMI Music today announce a major licensing and distribution deal which gives VidZone Digital Media complete access to EMI’s full digital catalogue for delivery to mobile and PC.

VidZone Digital Media’s recently launched cross platform technology will now play host to music from artists such as David Bowie, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Gorillaz, Lily Allen and Norah Jones, now available for delivery through mobile and PC stores linked via a single account.

“One of the key factors in providing digital content successfully is the process in which it’s consumed. We believe music lovers should be able to access their complete music library from a single account, independent of the platform or retailer they consume from. Together with partners like EMI and its DRM free content, we are now able to deliver music in a format optimised for complete portability and customer satisfaction,” says Michael Russo, CTO of VidZone Digital Media.

Leveraging off the company’s strengths in online and mobile, VidZone Digital Media has developed an unprecedented music platform for third parties who are looking to provide a complete music offering to their customers. As one of EMI’s preferred digital distributors, the company can now offer delivery and billing platforms across mobile and PC with the addition of EMI content, making it truly a one stop shop for digital music.

The deal will also see EMI content available in what is expected to be the first ever mobile music service to use pure WAP billing directly into all UK mobile operators.

David Gould, Head of Mobile Sales, EMI Music UK, comments “Ease of access to music is at the heart of this deal. VidZone Digital Media has provided EMI with a strong platform to reach more consumers, more quickly, and taking advantage of EMI’s new DRM-free product means the consumer can listen to it in any way they wish.”

Since signing the deal, EMI content has been enabled on a number of third party services with more expected to be announced shortly.

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