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Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai guests on new recording by Kylie Minogue

Hong Kong, October 18, 2007 — What happens when two Pop Princesses from different sides of the world get together? They make music. This is exactly what Taiwan-based Jolin Tsai, the best selling female Chinese artist in China and the International Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue have done…

The track in question is In My Arms from Kylie’s much-anticipated new album, X. The track, which features Jolin guesting on vocals and singing in English, will be included on the Asian edition of the album and which is scheduled for release on November 26th.

“When Jolin first joined EMI, I promised her that she would one day record with her favourite International recording artist and that day has now arrived,” said Sam Chen, Managing Director of EMI Music Taiwan. “We have to thank EMI’s Regional Office as well as the EMI team in the UK, Kylie’s Management, and, of course, Kylie herself, for making this duet happen.”

Apart from the duet, the two Pop Princesses recently met for the first time when Jolin visited the UK to attend the world premiere of the Kylie movie, “White Diamond” at Vue Cinema in London.

After talking about their recording and, girls being girls, after talking about clothes, Jolin presented Kylie with a jade bracelet which she had personally picked out for her favourite Western artist.

Said Jolin, “I was really touched by Kylie’s kindness and enthusiasm for the part I played on her track. It was such an honour to record something with her and I hope that one day we can perform together on the same stage.”

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