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Supergrass – new single ‘Diamond Hoo Ha Man’ out Janurary 14th 2008 and UK dates

Supergrass release the energetic and exhilarating Diamond Hoo Ha Man on Parlophone on January 18th 2008.

The track is an electrifying taster of the new album to be released in March 2008. The album was recorded over a couple of weeks in Berlin at the legendary Hansa studios. It’s produced by Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave)

Currently cited as one of the most influential bands around, Supergrass were personally invited by Arctic Monkeys to accompany them on their summer stadium tour where the track was given its first airing. Its wide eyed vocals, bombastic bassline and frenetic guitars had the exuberant crowd chanting for more.

Diamond Hoo Ha Man will be available on limited edition 7″ only. A live version of the track is available to download from www.supergrass.com.

Following Mick’s accident this summer, Charly Coombes will be taking the stage with the rest of Supergrass on keyboard bass and vocals. The band will be playing the following live shows;

Sun 9th December XFM Winter Wonderland Show, Brixton Academy, London
Thu 20th December Town Hall, Oxford
Fri 21st December Town Hall, Oxford


For more press information contact Janet Choudry on 020 7605 5357 janet.choudry@emimusic.com
For online press contact Jon Bills – 020 7605 5437 / Jon.Bills@emimusic.com

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