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Simone Bose named managing director of EMI Music Iberia

Manolo Diaz appointed special advisor to Jean-Francois Cecillon, overseeing Latin America following departure of Marco Bissi

LONDON, 19 March 2007 — Simone Bose, currently general manager of EMI Music Spain, has been promoted to managing director of EMI Music Iberia with responsibility for EMI’s operations in Spain and Portugal, reporting to Jean-Francois Cecillon, chairman & CEO of EMI Music International.

President and CEO of EMI Music Iberia, Manolo Diaz, is to move to a new role as special advisor to Cecillon, taking responsibility for creative and operational assignments in the EMI Music International division. Both Bose and Diaz take up their new positions on April 1 2007.

Diaz’s first assignment in this new role will be to oversee EMI Music’s Latin America regional office and EMI Music Brazil, following the departure from the company today of EMI Latin America regional president and CEO Marco Bissi. Diaz will be based in Miami.

Now reporting directly to Cecillon in Latin America are:

  • for his EMI responsibilities, Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete, managing director of EMI Televisa (US)/ Televisa EMI Mexico
  • Camilo Lara, general manager and A&R, EMI Music Mexico
  • Caamilo Kejner, managing director, EMI Music Argentina (also currently overseeing EMI Music Chile)
  • Alvaro Rizo, managing director, EMI Music Columbia

Cecillon said: “I want to thank Marco for his creative contribution to the Latin region and wish him all the best for the future.”

Commenting on the new appointments, Cecillon continued: “Manolo recently informed me that he wanted to step down from his full time executive responsibilities in Spain, and I am absolutely delighted that he will now be taking on special advisory assignments, beginning with this important role in Latin America. Retaining Manolo’s expertise and knowledge during an important period of organisational change in our business will be invaluable.

“At the same time, having a strong executive such as Simone ready to succeed Manolo gives me great confidence that we will enjoy continuity in the success we are seeing in Spain. I wish him well in his appointment.”

Bose said: “Manolo will be a hard act to follow. He has been a great teacher and I have learnt much from him. I am excited about taking this new challenge, continuing our programme of regeneration and moving further into new digital music channels.”

Diaz said: “I have enjoyed my time at the helm of EMI Music Iberia and the relationships I have built with our artist community and our exceptionally talented company team. I am looking forward to maintaining my links with EMI in my new advisory capacity.”

Simone Bose joined EMI Music Spain as general manager in November 2003 from Bajamusic in Madrid, where he had been managing director since 2000. Bose began his career in the music industry in 1995 at BMG Ariola as label manager, and after moving to Sony Music Group Madrid in 1986, he joined Capitol EMI Music Group in 1990 as director of local A&R. From 1992 to 1999, Simone then held a series of positions with PolyGram – Universal Group Madrid, culminating in his role as managing director for the group’s Mercury division.

Having led businesses in Europe and in Latin America, Manolo Diaz is one the music industry’s most experienced executives. After serving as head of the Latin Recording Academy and the Latin Grammy® Awards, Diaz joined EMI Music Spain in September 2004 as its president & CEO, and assumed additional responsibility for Portugal in 2005. During the last three years, Diaz has led the transformation of EMI Music Spain and development of a very successful artist roster and executive team.

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