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Silverchair and EMI dominate Australian ARIA Awards

Monday October 29, 2007 — It was certainly Silverchair’s night at this year’s ARIA Awards. Their 5 ARIA Award wins from 5 nominations (and a 6th for Best Video) ensured that not only have they beat the record held by any artist for the most ARIA Awards – at an overall total of 20 – but they have helped to show the strength of the EMI local artist roster, with EMI picking up more ARIA Award wins on the night than all other companies combined.

Not only that, but the awards that Silverchair won – Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Best Group, Best Rock Album and Motorola Highest Selling Single – are all amongst the most credible and sought after awards on the night.

With 28 nominations from 16 artists in 26 categories, a very proud John O’Donnell, CEO of EMI Music Australasia said, “It was a great night for EMI and for our partners at Eleven: A Music Company, who bring us Missy Higgins and Silverchair. Silverchair have blazed a bold and brave trail for over a decade and across 5 albums and to see Young Modern hailed as the masterwork that it is, is totally fitting and deserved. Straight Lines is clearly the biggest and most powerful song of the year and Young Modern a work of dazzling genius. All power to the ‘Chair!”

Other artists to steal the limelight were Missy Higgins who picked up Best Female Artist following her stunning performance of Where I Stood; an award she previously won in 2005.

One of the performance highlights of the night came from Operator Please who made their debut TV performance with Just A Song About Ping Pong following their earlier win for Breakthrough Artist – Single, for the same song.

You Am I added the ARIA Award for Best Music DVD to their existing tally of 8 ARIA Awards and Keith Urban added Best Country Album to his tally, an award he has won twice before. The standing ovation Keith received for his guest performance with the John Butler Trio was yet another highlight of the night.

The year’s haul of awards was nicely capped off with Nick Cave’s induction into the Hall of Fame with Nick creating a memorable moment at the podium by inducting his fellow Bad Seeds and Birthday Party members himself, rather than being inducted on his own.

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