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Pet Shop Boys campaign for civil liberties with groundbreaking interactive promo video “Integral”

London, 11 September 2007 — Pet Shop Boys signal the release of Disco 4, the fourth album in a continuing series, with a groundbreaking video for the politically-inspired new track Integral. Picking up on the song’s themes of ID cards and the erosion of civil liberties by the government, Pet Shop Boys have worked with new creative group the Rumpus Room to conceive and create a sinister mix of surveillance type footage and information technology as content for their new music video.

Embedded in this dystopian film are single frames of Quick Response (or QR) Code, a new barcode technology which works in a similar way to supermarket checkout scanners. For the first time ever in a Pet Shop Boys video, fans will be able to access embedded codes linking to featured websites simply by pausing the video on the QR Code frame and taking a snapshot with their mobile camera. The various sites and online news articles and forums reflect the song’s subject matter in highlighting campaigns for freedom and civil liberty.

Two versions of the Integral video are available, the first a low resolution graphic version optimised for portable devices such as mobile phones, and the second in higher resolution for traditional broadcast needs. Both versions successfully mix the ‘fluid’ technology of the internet (links etc.,), the functions we use to consume film and video (pause, rewind etc.,) and the new tools that we use to document our social environment such as camera phones.

Dan Duncombe, Head of Digital, Parlophone, comments: “Pet Shop Boys once again prove their pioneering use of digital technology with their latest promo video. In typical PSB style they have gone one step further creating an innovative, informative and engaging video that is a perfect fit for the song’s lyrical content.”

Pet Shop Boys recently signed a new deal with Parlophone. Originally signed to the record label over 20 years ago, the Pet Shop Boys have gone on to become one of the most innovative and influential groups in the world, selling in excess of 30 million albums.

Disco 4 is released by Parlophone on 8th October and is available on CD and vinyl. Disco 4 collects together Pet Shop Boys’ extended dance mixes of The Killers, Madonna, Yoko Ono, Rammstein, Atomizer and David Bowie, as well as a new extended mix of PSB live highlight Integral and their maxi-mix of the single I’m With Stupid. Integral will be available through YouTube and the Pet Shop Boys’ website www.petshopboys.co.uk.

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About Parlophone
EMI Music UK label Parlophone boasts a rich heritage of world renowned artists, from The Beatles, Queen and Paul McCartney, to Coldplay, Gorillaz and Kylie Minogue. The label has a dedicated digital team, headed up by Dan Duncombe, which is responsible for developing artist specific digital media opportunities, marketing and web presence, working with brand, online, mobile and other digital organisations. Websites developed for Parlophone artists include www.coldplay.com, www.gorillaz.com, www.queenonline.com and www.lilyallenmusic.com.

Recent digital activity includes the Lily Allen multi-channel digital campaign which has won numerous awards including the UK Marketing Campaign of the Year at the Music Week Awards, Best Pop Artist at the Digital Music Awards and Best Artist Campaign at the Mobile Entertainment Forum Awards. Parlophone was also the first music label to partner with Skype to promote an artist to their entire 75 million global user base in a campaign for Coldplay.

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