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New Visions and Parlophone win global mobile award for Lily Allen Mobile Club

London 6th June 2007: New Visions and Parlophone were celebrating their award win last night at the 2007 Mobile Entertainment Awards (Meffy’s). The judges commended the entry to the ‘The Artist Campaign Award’ for its demonstration of pushing the boundaries of mobile music outside the network portal sites.

The site is the UK’s first ever artist loyalty mobile internet site: wap.lilyallenmusic.com.

The application incentivised fans to visit the site and register in order to collect Lily ‘diamonds’. Any interaction with the site; registering, downloading free content, viewing content, entering a quiz or competition, forwarding content to friends, purchasing content, reading content etc, all rewarded the user with Lily diamonds which could be exchanged for different prizes and entered them into further competitions. The ultimate fan with the most diamonds won an exclusive Lily competition prize.

Fans are also encouraged to forward on an exclusive message from Lily to their friends, with the user who forwards to the most friends also winning a prize, spreading the word about Lily.

The New Visions team work closely with Parlophone and Lily’s management to obtain content to keep the site fresh and up to date. Automatically updated news feeds are brought in, announcements of tour dates, Lily’s biography, discography, cocktail recipes, competitions and much more. Lily also updates a photo blog when she is on tour to keep the fans completely up to date.

Free wallpapers are available to download, together with ringtones and full track downloads that can then be downloaded from the PC.

This is a true showcase of integrated marketing with the mobile site being promoted on TV adverts, print ads, posters, CD artwork and third party sites such as AOL and Metro. Mobile eyeballs are also bought to maximise the traffic into the site, Parlophone being one of the first ever labels to buy mobile eyeballs from the Admob network of entertainment and content sites.

This year the Meffy’s attracted a record number of entries – 50% increase on last year. With applications from 20 countries across four continents.

Dan Duncombe, Head of Digital, Parlophone, comments “We are always looking for new ways to engage with the consumer and strengthen our CRM. With the Lily campaign we have created a compelling, interactive and fun consumer experience that adds to our traditional marketing and maintains a loyal fan for future marketing. To have the campaign recognised at the Meffy’s is an honour and encourages us to continue to commit to mobile marketing.”

Miguel Tatay, Head of Music partnerships at New Visions says “This is a major coup for New Visions to win such a high commendation from the industry. We were delighted to have been chosen to work on this exciting project for Lily Allen in the first instance but to be recognised as one of the worlds leading mobile music providers is truly an honour.

Going forward with the networks opening up and reducing their datacharges there are real opportunities now for clients to launch their own direct to consumer sites.”

The multi-channel digital campaign also picked up the Best Pop Artist award at the Digital Music Awards in 2006 and earlier this year won the Music Week Award for Best Combined Marketing Campaign for an Artist.

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