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Moby signs to Mute North America

June 15, 2007: Mute North America is proud to announce that Moby has joined the label’s esteemed roster. Moby – who is currently in the studio working on a new album – will now be signed to Mute exclusively throughout the world.

“I’ve been on Mute everywhere in the world except for North America for the last 14 years, now I’m finally on Mute for North America,” says Moby. “I’m happy, because Mute has been my favorite label for most of the last 25 years, and it’s nice to finally be on Mute in the country where I actually live.”

Since signing to Mute UK in 1993, Moby has sold more than 20-million albums worldwide. His career has been a story of extremes and paradoxes. This intense, driven individual has been a hip underground New York DJ and a punk rock drummer, a determinedly ascetic maker of euphoric dance music, a highly aware environmentalist and social commentator who jumps around stage like a dervish and, finally, a sharply astute advocate of alternative lifestyles who is also one of the biggest music stars in the world.

In addition to working on material for the new album (release date TBD), Moby has launched a redesign of his website. Moby will also be playing a series of DJ dates this summer including:

June 15th NYC, USA Nublu
July 27th Naples, Italy Powerstock Festival
July 28th Jesolo, Italy Il Muretto
July 29th Milan, Italy Amnesia

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