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Makena Technologies and Capitol Music Group partner to bring music artists into There.com

Popular artists to meet and talk with fans virtually; promote upcoming tours, albums and merchandise

Capitol is first major record label to have presence in There.com

SAN MATEO, Calif.,June 28, 2007 — Makena Technologies, creator of the popular social virtual world There.com, today announced a partnership with Capitol Music Group to bring music artists into There.com. At least five artists will make appearances in There.com over the next few months in the newly constructed Capitol Music Group venue, The Tower, an exclusive virtual nightclub environment where fans can meet and talk with band members and watch videos from Capitol Music Group artists. Interactive kiosks will be placed in popular locations throughout the virtual world, offering the sale of both virtual and real world merchandise.

“We know that consumers are spending a lot of time in virtual worlds and There.com offers a completely new way to promote music, both emerging talent and recognized artists, allowing artists to really connect with their fan bases,” said Syd Schwartz, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy, for Capitol Music Group. “Virtual worlds also give us a new revenue channel to promote our artists and sell virtual and real world branded merchandise to consumers.”

Nearly anyone with a computer and Internet connection can visit The Tower in There.com The nightclub will officially open in There.com on July 10, with an appearance by popular rap artist MIMS. In addition to MIMS, the scheduled lineup includes: Yellowcard, Korn, the Beastie Boys and Lily Allen. During their appearances, artists will spend time with their fans, answer fan questions and provide information about tours and albums.

“Capitol Music Group is a natural fit for There.com because of our broad demographic, brand safety, and PG-13 environment. The company demonstrates its brand leadership by being one of the first music labels to leverage this new medium to connect artists and fans,” said Michael Wilson, CEO of Makena Technologies. “This partnership also demonstrates how Makena’s platform can be used as the “new film” which companies like Capitol Music Group can leverage to build a whole new consumer experiences utilizing our user safety and content protection features.”

There.com members will find virtual merchandise for sale from each artist appearing in The Tower. To further self-expression in the virtual world, branded t-shirts and hoodies can be purchased by member avatars and virtual posters can be bought for decorating virtual homes and hangouts. Interactive Capitol Music Group kiosks placed in locations throughout There.com will offer members the opportunity to purchase CDs and DVDs for their real world enjoyment.

About Makena Technologies, Inc.
Makena Technologies is the parent company of There.com, a fully interactive, 3D online virtual world where members can customize and create their own 3D character, meet and hang out with friends in real-time using voice and text chat, build their own virtual homes, participate in events ranging from car races to paintball to fashion shows and even create and sell their own virtual items. There.com is a safe and exciting “PG-13″ environment for ages 13 and up that has something to offer nearly anyone. Makena Technologies has offices in San Mateo, CA and Laguna Beach, CA. For more information, visit http://www.there.com.

About Capitol Music Group
The Capitol Music Group, part of EMI Music, consists of the Capitol and Virgin imprints and its roster includes such artists as 30 Seconds to Mars, Lily Allen, The Beatles, Corrine Bailey Rae, Coldplay, Decemberists, Gorillaz, Interpol, Lenny Kravitz, OK Go, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Rolling Stones, Joss Stone and KT Tunstall. More artist information is available at http://www.capitolpub.net.

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