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Kylie Konnect unites Kylie fans with the first ever artist social networking site

LONDON, 5th November 2007: Kylie, whose single ’2 Hearts’ is released digitally today, launches her very own cross platform social network – Kylie Konnect – www.kyliekonnect.com

Kylie’s record label, Parlophone, teamed up with New Visions Mobile to create the application which will allow fans to create their profile, upload images and blogs and connect with other Kylie fans across the globe via their mobile or web browser in a seamless user experience.

Dan Duncombe, Head of Digital at Parlophone says “Kylie Konnect is for new and old fans alike; they can link directly to Kylie’s profile, leave their blog, upload photos and share their experiences with other Kylie fans. Kylie’s blog will regularly be updated, offering exclusive music, news, tour information and more, with fans able to download exclusive behind the scenes footage and have a chance to win ‘money can’t buy’ prizes”.

“Kylie Konnect is a great way of engaging fans wherever they are in the world, using multi platforms and great content.”

Social networking via mobile has gained real momentum in the past 12 months with increasing numbers of people accessing their accounts whilst on the move. However this is a first for a global recording artist to create their own social networking brand.

Kylie’s new album ‘X’ is due for release on November 26th, with her first single ’2 Hearts’ out digitally on the 5th November and physically on 12th November. Fans around the world can access Kylie Konnect at www.kyliekonnect.com either through their mobile or web browser, join the network and download mobile content such as full tracks and realtones.

Julia McNally, Director of New Visions Mobile says “We’ve developed ‘OurTribe’ which is a user generated content application integrated into our existing wap platform. Whilst other social networking sites allow fans to create their own profiles online, side loading images and video from their phones to the PC, OurTribe allows users to create and manage their pages directly from their mobile handset. It’s extremely exciting for us to launch this with such a big name artist as Kylie”.

Kylie Konnect will allow fans to create a profile, create blogs and upload images directly from the handset, via PC and MMS, add their friends, or leave guestbook entries for other fans. Kylie’s own profile is automatically added as a friend to anyone that joins the network.


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