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Kylie enhances digital campaign with the launch of Kylie Robotics, the first ever Kylie Facebook application

LONDON, 16th November 2007: Parlophone today announced the launch of Kylie Robotics, the first ever Kylie Facebook application. Kylie, who recently launched her own social networking site, www.KylieKonnect.com, is celebrating the release of her latest album, X with the launch of an exclusive Facebook application that allows fans to create and customise their very own Kylie caricature at http://apps.facebook.com/kylierobotics/home

Fans can choose from a range of over forty Kylie characters, all with their own distinctive Kylie outfit. Create a personalised Kylie robotic from scratch or browse the archives for a “Classic Kylie,” based on the star’s looks throughout her career, including iconic images such as the Can’t Get You Out of my Head white pant suit and the gold Spinning Around hotpants, as well as the latest “Kylie X” Kylie Robotic. Fans can choose to keep their own Kylie robotic and add it as their profile picture, or send to a friend.

The Facebook campaign coincides with the release of Kylie’s latest studio album, X, on 26 November, which will also be released globally on the same day on a limited edition USB stick. The USB will contain the full album, the video for Two Hearts, the trailer for “White Diamond,” plus a link to exclusive online content. The USB release will come in lavish packaging, making it a real collectable for Kylie’s fanbase.

Check out Kylie’s official Facebook profile to add the application or visit the following URL: http://apps.facebook.com/kylierobotics/home

X is released on all formats on 26 November. For more info visit www.Kylie.com and www.KylieKonnect.com

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