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KT Tunstall achieves career high as ‘Drastic Fantastic’ is top 10 Billboard chart entry

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter sustains worldwide acclaim with her second Relentless/Virgin Records slbum

NEW YORK – Confirming her first three years of stunning worldwide success, Relentless/Virgin Records singer/songwriter KT TUNSTALL’s second album, DRASTIC FANTASTIC, has debuted on the Billboard Top 200 album chart at No. 9. The lead-off single, Hold On, is already a multi-week No.1 airplay smash in the AAA (adult alternative albums) format. Previously, Tunstall’s 2006 debut album Eye to the Telescope debuted at No. 47 and went on to sell over 4 million copies worldwide.

The press has been raving that Tunstall has seized her moment, finding musical merit, craftsmanship, fun and soul throughout DRASTIC FANTASTIC: Blender praised it as a “strong second album that proves her success was no fluke;” the

Los Angeles Times detected “a freshness in the performances and a new authority in her singing,” while People noted that the album’s “rootsy pop…reveals lyrical smarts.” DRASTIC FANTASTIC was mixed by Michael H. Brauer (Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, My Morning Jacket) and like Eye to the Telescope, was produced by Steve Osborne (U2, New Order, Happy Mondays) leading Rolling Stone to note its “intelligent attention to every detail…(and) sense of pace and scale.”

In the run-up to the album’s mid-September release, Tunstall has returned to many of her accustomed live and televised stages, performing an impromptu busker’s set on a downtown Glasgow sidewalk — and was personally invited by Steve Jobs to perform at the September 5th globally-broadcast Apple product launch. Other appearances surrounding the album’s release have included an in-depth profile piece on CBS Sunday Morning; and live performances on The Today Show, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Live With Regis and Kelly; CBS Saturday Early Show; Jimmy Kimmel Live; and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Later in the fall, Tunstall is to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Martha Stewart’s syndicated program. Tunstall performed a sold out concert at New York’s Irving Plaza in mid-September, and will return in November to headline Roseland. A new U.S. tour is being routed for early 2008.

Online, album premieres and artist features are running on such website destinations as VH1.com, MySpace, Yahoo! Music, AOL, MSN Music, MP3.com, ARTIST Direct and Download.com. Over the course of the fall, Tunstall’s tunes will be featured in promotions with such brand partners as Nokia, Starbucks, Sprint and Apple iTunes.

Check out CBS Sunday Morning’s profile on KT here: mms://streaming.vmsdigital.com:80/091707/NLA177749_01.WMV

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