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John Lennon iTunes Video Album to debut December 4 at Starbucks in the US

Digital release card is format’s first-ever music video title; features 21 of Lennon’s Capitol/EMI music videos

Hollywood, California – November 26, 2007 – Capitol/EMI Music Marketing and iTunes will release a new John Lennon Video Album on December 4 at Starbucks locations across the US. The John Lennon Video Album, the iTunes Digital Release card format’s first music video release, features 21 of Lennon’s music videos for $24.95.

The collectible cards, distinguished with a silver-toned photo of Lennon, may be redeemed on the iTunes Store for a collection of music videos which includes Imagine, Woman, Happy Xmas, (Just Like) Starting Over, Nobody Told Me, Mind Games, two versions of Working Class Hero and others, many of which are available digitally for the first time.

Current iTunes Digital Release card titles available at Starbucks include KT Tunstall’s Drastic Fantastic and Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild soundtrack.

1. Imagine (Legend version) 12. Nobody Told Me
2. Woman 13. Cold Turkey
3. Watching the Wheels 14. Power to the People
4. Mind Games 15. Working Class Hero
5. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 16. Working Class Hero (Anthology version)
6. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night 17. Love
7. (Just Like) Starting Over 18. Mother
8. #9 Dream 19. Borrowed Time
9. Give Peace a Chance 20. Slippin’ and Slidin’
10. Beautiful Boy 21. Stand By Me
11. Jealous Guy

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