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i-vu partners with EMI’s Charisma Records to promote top 5 artists Plain White T’s and David Guetta in music industry first

LONDON, 7th November 2007: Charisma Records, part of EMI Music UK, has signed a partnership deal with i-vu, the leading interactive digital screen media network owner, to showcase new music releases via i-vu’s in-store network of screens. Artists featured include US breakthrough act Plain White T’s, who have recently topped the charts with their smash hit Hey There Delilah, superstar DJ David Guetta, new UK singer/songwriter Tom Baxter and R’n'B sensation J. Holiday.

The campaign, which is targeting a mainly female demographic, will see 1600 individual interactive screens placed in over 200 hair salons across the UK, including Trevor Sorbie and Nicky Clarke.

The i-vu screens will feature two music videos supported with i-frame within each 45 minute programme loop, and will use interactive touch screen buttons to enable the viewer to access additional information about each featured artist, including tour dates, album releases and other promotional information.

Mike Anstey, CEO of i-vu, says: “In an increasingly competitive market, i-vu’s i-frame offers a new way for music artists to launch and is one of the few which provides multi-dimensional ways to experience music.”

“The interactive screens will also allow Charisma Records to break away from traditional music formats as the interactive non-static nature of i-vu’s screens gives viewers the ability to choose what music and information they would like view. The combination of new release artists and additional interactive advertising will add significant value to the i-vu channel.”

Mark Poston, director of Charisma Records, says: “Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for consumers to access our artists and music. The powerful interactivity of the i-vu screens really closes the distance between artist and fan and we’re very happy to be the first music company to partner with i-vu.”

In one of the largest investments in outdoor digital seen in the UK, i-vu recently secured £40 million (US$80 million) of new funding, which will make it the largest digital network in the world – with well over 300 per cent growth in the UK and USA in one year – and enabling it to expand into Europe. Over the past five years, i-vu has established partnerships with some of the leading names in the salon world, including: Clipso, Cobella, Headmasters, Nicky Clarke, Richard Ward, Rush and Trevor Sorbie. It has also attracted advertising clients such as 20th Century Fox, BMW, Gillette, GlaxoSmithKline, L’Oreal, Masterfoods, Nokia, Toyota, Warner Bros and Wella. The funding it has now attracted will enable it to significantly increase its penetration in the UK, USA and Europe and provide advertising brands with the benefits of size and structure.


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