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Goldfrapp confirm new single and album

New single: A&E – 11th February 2008
New album: Seventh Tree – 25th February 2008
Confirmed tracklisting

‘Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree makes you feel like spring’s already arrived’
Observer Music Monthly November 2007

‘Goldfrapp have delivered one of the first great albums of 2008′
Music Week 29 October 2007

Genre busting pop pioneers Goldfrapp have confirmed that the first single to be taken from their brand new album Seventh Tree will be A&E, released on Mute on 11th February 2008. A&E and Seventh Tree are written by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory and were recorded at their own studio deep in the English countryside.

Seventh Tree follows up the platinum selling and critically acclaimed Supernature album which came out in summer 2005 and went on to sell over a million copies worldwide. From the captivating electronic balladry of Mercury nominated debut Felt Mountain and its distorted-dancefloor follow-up, Black Cherry, Goldfrapp have consistently surprised and delighted with each new album, adeptly bodyswerving both stereotypes and imitators alike.

If Supernature was airbrushed in bold strokes of glitterball glamour, Seventh Tree is its sensual counterpoint. Where its predecessor came cocooned in style and sex, Seventh Tree emerges gilded in the butterfly colours of an English surrealism shared from Lear to Lennon. It shimmers and shines with the warmth of a hazy summer, an electric whirlpool of sound over which Alison’s glistening voice soars.

The confirmed tracklisting for Seventh Tree runs as follows:

1. Clowns
2. Little Bird
3. Happiness
4. Road to Somewhere
5. Eat Yourself
6. Some People
7. A&E
8. Cologne Cerrone Houdini
9. Caravan Girl
10. Monster Love

Goldfrapp also have a very real beating heart -and it is this rhythm that reverberates throughout the new set of powerful songs on Seventh Tree.

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