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EMI wins Business in the Community’s Big Tick award for its support for the EMI Music Sound Foundation

London, June 5 2007 — EMI, the world’s largest independent music company, has been awarded a prestigious Big Tick in Business in the Community’s Jubilee Awards, for its ten year support for the EMI Music Sound Foundation, the music charity which aims to improve young people’s access to music education in the UK and Ireland.

The Business in the Community awards recognise UK companies for the positive impact their responsible business operations and activities have in the marketplace, the workplace, the environment or in the community. The Jubilee Awards, which mark the 25th anniversary of Business in the Community, are designed to celebrate companies whose long-term community programmes have been delivering a positive impact for at least 10 years.

The EMI Music Sound Foundation was established by EMI in 1997. At a time when music was not high on the education agenda and under-resourced, EMI founded the charity to provide lasting value in the sector.

Since 1997, the EMI Music Sound Foundation has awarded more than £2.7m to organisations and individuals and helped over 900 young people to buy instruments. The Foundation is also the largest single sponsor of specialist performing arts colleges, 31 of which have benefited from funding.

EMI’s work on music education, through both the Foundation and its own community programmes, led to the company being asked to play a key role in the development and governance of the Music Manifesto, a joint initiative by the Department for Education & Skills and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport to empower educators to give more children access to music.

EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli commented, “The work of the EMI Music Sound Foundation has been instrumental in putting music back onto the education agenda, and has supported more than 1000 students and teachers to develop their involvement in music through direct grants and bursaries, as well as making substantial grants to schools. Music education is a cause that EMI and many of its employees and artists are passionate supporters of, and this award is a fitting tribute to the first ten years of the Foundation’s work.”

EMI Music Sound Foundation chief executive Janie Orr said, “All children – not just the most talented – can benefit from a decent music education and the earlier children are exposed to music, the more it can enhance their learning and skills. EMI’s continuing support for the Foundation will enable us to help ensure that music plays a major part in young people’s lives for many years to come.”

Business in the Community is an independent business-led charity whose purpose is to inspire, engage, and support and challenge companies, to continually improve the impact they have on society. With a current membership of over 750 companies, including 71 of the FTSE 100 and 82 per cent of the FTSE’s UK leading companies in their sector, together Business in the Community members employ 12.4 million people in over 200 countries worldwide, including 1 in 5 of the UK private sector workforce.

Since being established in 1997, the Business in the Community Awards for Excellence have grown into an annual showcase of the best examples of responsible business from around the country. The awards highlight the impact on society that companies can deliver, and the business value they can generate, from embedding responsible business into the heart of their company.

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