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EMI Records to showcase artits’ audiovisual content on Apple iPhone

iPhone-optimised microsite to promote Sigur Ros’ ‘Heima’

LONDON, 10th December 2007: EMI Records today announced a series of artist marketing campaigns utilising the Apple iPhone and iPod touch platforms to showcase audiovisual content.

Initial activity to make use of the devices’ compelling wi-fi experience is an artist-branded website to promote the launch of Heima, the critically acclaimed music film of the homecoming tour of Icelandic quartet Sigur Ros. To celebrate the release of this feature-length music DVD, EMI Records has created a specially optimised microsite for the iPhone and iPod touch’s display and interaction. Including the full-length trailer of the film, the site offers finger-sized navigation, a layout that changes according to orientation and a video stream that adapts depending on whether the viewer is connected via WiFi or the EDGE cellular connection.

The site makes attractive use of a Yahoo! Maps mash-up tool, allowing the viewer to easily navigate over the map of Iceland and click on the various locations where Sigur Ros performed. The site’s design has been kept purposely simple to complement the evocative visual depictions of the Icelandic landscape and to convey the impact of the music.

Eric Winbolt, Head of Digital, EMI Records, comments “These touchscreen wireless devices offer an exceptional user experience. Being the first truly converged mass market devices to do so, we were very keen to use them to showcase our artists’ content and offer the consumer this unbeatable user experience.”

Also included in the site are links to buy, meaning the viewer can go straight to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store to purchase Sigur Rós’ music.


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About EMI Records
EMI Records is part of EMI Music UK and has a rich heritage of artists, from Iron Maiden and Kraftwerk, to Robbie Williams and Sigur Ros. Its dedicated Digital Media Team is responsible for developing artist specific new media opportunities, promotions and web presence, working with brand, online and mobile organisations. As well as the online PR for all artists on the label, it is responsible for commissioning websites for heritage artists such as Kate Bush and Pink Floyd, and developing innovative digital marketing campaigns for breaking artists including The Magic Numbers and Corinne Bailey Rae.


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