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EMI record label’s innovative ‘A&R 2.0′ website “ScoutR”

LONDON, 12th September 2007 — EMI’s Angel Music Group has re-launched its label website with specific focus on its role as an online A&R demo submission system. Integral to the label website, the A&R tool, or ‘ScoutR,’ forms part of a fully operational online social network whereby fans can not only upload their demos but also personalise their profile and interact with other members, or scouts. In what it is coining “A&R 2.0,” Angel’s ScoutR represents the next phase in online A&R, designed to create an online community of A&R scouts.

Compelling and dynamic, the site features full artist info with downloadable wallpapers and screensavers, a weekly MD’s update, a live events listing and a detailed staff section, but its key attraction is its A&R talent scouting and demo submission area, ‘ScoutR.’

After submitting their demo to ScoutR, budding musicians are given a rating by other online members, based on the quality of their track, how many times it has been played in full, and how highly ranked the scout is according to the volume of tracks they have listened to. Those whose demos make it onto the Top 10 popularity barometer are guaranteed a listen by the label’s A&R Director and the track of the fortnight will be highlighted on the homepage, with potential plans to release standout tracks as one off singles. It is the ultimate in democratic online A&R.

The site also features the label’s own YouTube channel where epks, artist videos and artist interviews will be streamed. ‘Angel online’ will have its own Flickr feed documenting the label’s live events and gigs, LastFM profile and Angel branded Bebo profile.

Angel is initially giving the site a marketing push internally to encourage staff to submit their own demos. This will be closely followed by promotion via the ScoutR MySpace page, online PR activity and support from promotional partners.

Mark Collen, SVP EMI Music, comments: “Our aim is to bring our artists and music closer to consumers and create a two-way dialogue with fans, not only encouraging them to enjoy music from Angel but also providing them with an environment where they can share their own music and network with other fans.”

Mike Dowuona, Digital Media Manager, Angel Music Group, EMI Music UK, continues: “Angelmusicgroup.net aims to build on the traditional label site ‘shop window’ format by introducing a number of interactive elements providing a destination that allows fans to feedback, influence and experience through the familiar social networking environments.”

Angel Music Group was created in 2005 to complement the existing frontline labels of EMI Music UK, with specific focus on developing the roster of artists in pop, mainstream, adult contemporary and crossover classical. The label is home to three major revenue streams; Charisma, EMI Classics UK and frontline releases from Hollywood Records artists such as Hilary Duff and Plain White T’s via EMI’s deal with Disney. Artists on the label include Simon Webbe, Catherine Feeny, Julian Velard, Tom Baxter, Phil Campbell and Alphabeat.


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