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EMI Music UK strikes pan-European content partnership with U-MYX

London, 19th January 2007: EMI Music UK today announced it has struck a content alliance with U-MYX for usage of the U-MYX format across the UK and Continental Europe. EMI Music UK will partner with U-MYX on a number of key artist releases in the forthcoming year, following successful trials with Paul McCartney, Lily Allen and The Pet Shop Boys.

The U-MYX technology gives music fans the opportunity to remix songs by their favourite artists without having prior specialist knowledge or equipment. Users are then able to upload their finished mixes onto the U-MYX site for other fans to download and rate.

The U-MYX format is chart eligible and is available through www.U-MYX.com as well as via the artists’ websites. Initial EMI releases scheduled for the U-MYX format include those from Depeche Mode, Moby and Jamelia.

Graeme Rogan, Commercial Manager, Digital Sales of EMI Music UK, said, “This agreement allows our artists and labels to experiment and participate more closely with the U-MYX format. U-MYX provides fans with the tools to engage more intimately than ever before with the music they love, allowing for a truly interactive experience that encourages fans to move from passive audience member to active participant. This can only help forge greater bonds between our artists and their fans.”

Olly Barnes, Managing Director of U-MYX comments, “We are proud to be working closely with EMI Music across Europe to build on the amazing uptake we have seen for U-MYX format music this year. Forging partnerships with major labels like EMI Music, who have one of the best artist rosters in the world, shows that the interactive music movement that U-MYX spearheads is set to come of age as an important new commercial area for the music industry.”

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