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EMI Music UK announces strategic partnership with TLC Marketing to enable DRM-free music to be utilised in sales promotion and loyalty campaigns

LONDON, 8 MAY 2007: EMI Music UK today announced it has teamed up with TLC Marketing plc, number one in the world of travel, leisure and lifestyle incentive providers, to provide a download loyalty card for use with third-party brand promotions. TLC Marketing has previously formed brand partnerships with household names such as Samsung, First Direct and British Gas. Consumers participating in the promotion will get access to exclusive DRM-free EMI offers, as many times as they like, for a year.

This announcement follows EMI Music’s recent news that it is making its repertoire of music available in a new DRM-free, high quality download format.

EMI’s ability to offer DRM-free product is instrumental in opening up new and previously unavailable revenue streams, such as the strategic partnership agreed with TLC. EMI and TLC’s partnership will allow third party brands to offer EMI product through their on-pack promotions via an EMI owned and branded website. The ability to supply downloads in the DRM-free format ensures that customers can upload these EMI downloads on every available digital music player including mobile phones. Albums available from EMI’s extensive catalogue of artists include Blur, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Kelis and the Rolling Stones.

Graeme Rogan, Head of Online Sales, EMI Music UK, comments, “This is a fantastic opportunity for EMI and TLC to work on high profile third party promotions – a move EMI feels is key to our strategy of opening up new and incremental revenue streams in the digital world. TLC is a company with a proven track record and we are confident that our partnership with them will generate mutually beneficial results.”

Sharon Gold, Marketing Director, TLC Marketing, adds “We are delighted to be working in partnership with EMI to give our blue chip clients the opportunity to boost their sales, launch new products and engender loyalty with this high value incentive. Music downloads netted a massive $2 billion worldwide in 2006 so with this burgeoning market we are anticipating that this new incentive will have both our clients – and their customers – dancing in the streets!”

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