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EMI Music to establish talent agency in Japan

TOKYO, 29 NOVEMBER 2007 – EMI Music Japan is establishing a new talent management division, EMI Entertainment Japan, as part of the company’s mission to enhance and broaden the services it offers to artists.

Complementing the existing EMI Music Japan record business, EMI Entertainment Japan will manage all other areas of artists’ careers including music publishing, merchandising, live, TV and the many emerging opportunities being created by new technologies. While music will be at the heart of EMI Entertainment Japan, the company also plans to expand its client base into the wider talent business, for example celebrity and sport.

The company will include the existing Great Hunting team which was established by EMI Music Japan last year and has grown into a highly regarded A&R group.

The first three artists on the EMI Entertainment Japan roster are Mio Isayama and Shione Yukawa, both established EMI Music Japan artists, and new Great Hunting-signing KUMAMI. Mio Isayama has released seven albums since her debut in 2002, Shione Yukawa has released three albums since her first in 2005, and KUMAMI will make his debut through EMI Music Japan in January.

EMI Entertainment Japan will be run by president Junya Nakasone who originally started the artist management team within EMI Music Japan back in 2005. He reports to Shoji Doyama, president and CEO of EMI Music Japan.

Shoji Doyama said: “We are very excited about the potential of this new division which will help to expand the support and services we provide to all talented artists and create fresh opportunities for them to develop their careers.”



For further information:

EMI Music Japan Corporate Relations TEL: +81 3-5512-1730
EMI Group, London Corporate Communications TEL: +44 20 7795 7535

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