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EMI Music streamlines global and international marketing structure

Appoints Susie Smith, Giampietro Paravella and James Bradbury to lead global and international frontline and catalogue marketing

London, 16 March 2007 — EMI Music has reorganised its global and international marketing structure to maximise sales of its artists’ repertoire worldwide through all available channels.

New global and international marketing teams will manage major frontline releases from priority artists, while a global catalogue marketing function will handle catalogue campaigns across the world. These three marketing streams will be led by Susie Smith, Giampietro Paravella and James Bradbury respectively. They will report to Jean-Francois Cecillon, who in January was promoted to the role of chairman and CEO of EMI Music International, heading EMI’s operations in all countries outside North America and the UK.

Global marketing
Susie Smith will return to EMI on 16 April as senior vice president of global marketing for EMI Music, with responsibility for the management of key global projects in collaboration with the company’s major repertoire centres, and reporting to Cecillon. In her role, Susie will work closely with EMI Group CEO Eric Nicoli, EMI Music UK & Ireland chairman and CEO Tony Wadsworth, Roger Ames and Cecillon.

Smith worked for nine years at artist management company Principle Management (U2, Paddy Casey, Art Of Noise) before working for EMI Music as director of global marketing for the Capitol stream between 2003 and 2005.

Reporting to her will be Celia Carrillo, who transfers from EMI’s Continental European marketing team to become senior director of global marketing, EMI Music.
EMI Music International marketing
The EMI Music International division is to form a new international marketing team to focus on the promotion of worldwide priorities within all markets under the division’s remit, as well as to identify repertoire and projects from the region with global and multi-region potential. The EMI Music International region comprises Continental Europe, Middle East & Africa, Australasia, Japan, Asia and Latin America.

The new team will be headed by Giampietro Paravella, who is appointed senior vice president of international marketing, EMI Music International, reporting to Cecillon. Reporting to Paravella will be:

  • Laurent Chapeau, who is promoted from managing director of Virgin Music in France to vice president of international marketing for Continental Europe, based in Paris
  • Adel Hattem, vice president of international marketing for Latin America based in Miami
  • Taryn Ebert, director of international marketing for South East Asia based in Hong Kong.

Global catalogue marketing
James Bradbury has been appointed vice president of global catalogue marketing for EMI Music, with responsibility for maximising sales of the company’s extensive catalogue. Reporting to Cecillon, he will work closely with EMI’s major repertoire centres to develop and implement physical and digital catalogue campaigns with global and international potential.

Bradbury joined EMI in 1995, initially working in account management and trade marketing roles at EMI Music UK, before taking responsibility for commercial marketing on a global basis in 2003.

Reporting to him in the global catalogue marketing team will be Dave Rowe as director, and Helen Varley as project manager.
Jean-Francois Cecillon said: “Susie, Giampietro and James are highly talented marketing executives with broad experience of multi-national marketing and, in the case of Susie, artist management. They will work in close collaboration with EMI’s major repertoire centres to develop our artists’ careers and drive sales. In this increasingly diversified market, we must ensure that we deliver effective marketing campaigns and products that connect our artists’ music with consumers through all available channels. The new teams will be empowered to make effective decisions that will enable us to deliver success for our talented artists on a global basis.”

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