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EMI Music North America appoints Lauren Berkowitz Senior Vice President Digital

New York, May 22, 2007 — Lauren Berkowitz has been appointed Senior Vice President of Digital for EMI Music North America. She begins her new role immediately and is reporting to Roger Ames, head of EMI Music North America and Barney Wragg, EMI Music’s global Head of Digital.

Berkowitz will be based in New York and will spearhead the development and implementation of EMI Music’s digital strategy in the key North American market, working closely with EMI’s North American labels including Blue Note Label Group, Capitol, Capitol Nashville, Caroline Music, EMI Music Canada, EMI Christian Music Group and EMI Televisa.

Berkowitz brings more than a decade of experience as a lead deal maker and strategist in the digital music arena, most recently as Vice President, Global Digital Business with Sony ATV Music Publishing where she led the global digital strategy and development. Prior to that, Berkowitz was Vice President at Sony BMG Music Entertainment, responsible for its European digital business development, leading Sony BMG’s deals with partners such as Vodafone and Apple for the launch of iTunes Europe. She also led business development at Linkedwith GmbH, the Berlin-based global wireless enterprise software company and held posts at Bertelsmann AG’s CDNOW unit.

In her new role, Berkowitz will lead EMI Music’s digital business in North America, including its recently launched premium higher-quality, DRM-free download offering and will maintain and build relationships with the company’s key digital service providers in both the fixed line and mobile platforms. She will also work with EMI’s global operations and regions to continue to explore, develop and capitalize on appropriate new digital opportunities and business models.

Barney Wragg said: “Lauren has great depth of experience from several perspectives of the business. We will benefit from her global relationships and her extensive knowledge of various emerging business models and mobile and Internet platforms.”

“EMI Music is once again taking a very progressive approach to growing the digital marketplace and being extremely responsive to what consumers, retailers and the creative community demand right now,” said Berkowitz. “This is a tremendous opportunity and I am really looking forward to working with EMI’s great team, its amazing roster of artists and our many digital partners to bring our music to the marketplace in as many innovative ways as possible.”

Berkowitz earned a Bachelors degree in Communication from Boston University and was awarded a Masters in Business Administration as well as a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University in Boston.

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