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EMI Music Latin America promotes three executives

New Managing Directors for EMI Music Mexico and Argentina/Chile, and new Vice President of Latin Repertoire

23 APRIL 2007- EMI Music has promoted three executives to take on key roles in its Latin American region. Camilo Kejner, Managing Director (MD) of EMI Music Argentina will take on the additional role of MD for Chile, overseeing distribution in other countries around the region. Camilo Lara, General Manager for EMI Music Mexico, has been promoted to Managing Director of that country, and Diana Rodriguez has been promoted from Director to Vice President, Latin Repertoire. Kejner, Lara and Rodriguez will all report directly to EMI Music International Chairman and CEO JF Cecillon.

Camilo Kejner assumes MD responsibilities for both EMI Music Argentina and Chile. In his more expansive role, Keiner will also lead and develop market strategies in Argentina and Chile as well as take on responsibilities for distribution in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. Prior to joining EMI as MD for Argentina in 2006, Kejner spent seven years at Sony Music Argentina, where from 1994 to 2000, he was Director of English Language product. He was later promoted to Director of A&R/Marketing for Sony’s Epic Division. He left Sony to join Time Warner’s New Line Cinema unit, where he was Director of its Latin America Region, responsible for the regional marketing, distribution and operations office. He will soon complete coursework for a Masters in Business Administration at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As Managing Director for EMI Music Mexico, Camilo Lara assumes full responsibility for the strategic and operational management of EMI Music’s business in Mexico. Prior to assuming the GM role, Lara was Vice President, A&R and Marketing. He held a similar post at Warner Music Group in Mexico prior to joining EMI. Lara also founded and was General Manager of Suave, an independent record label. He began his music career at EMI Music Mexico as an International Radio promoter, and in later years advanced to label manager at Parlophone and Capitol where he also handled local repertoire before becoming A&R Manager for EMI Music Mexico and General Manager for Virgin Records in Mexico.

As Vice President of Latin Repertoire, Diana Rodriguez will focus on the marketing of EMI Music Latin repertoire in all territories. Diana joined EMI in April 2002 as Marketing Director for EMI Music Colombia. In this role she supported all current and catalogue releases, and led marketing strategy for Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru. Prior to joining EMI, Diana worked at Universal Music Group and PolyGram for more than eight years, where she held a number of marketing positions including Senior Marketing Manager.

“I am excited that we have three such talented executives in our ranks,” said Cecillon. “This region has huge potential for the company and our artists. We are well-positioned for success with both Camilo’s and Diana on our team to support us.”

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