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EMI Music Japan launches its official mobile download site “MOBAEMI” on three mobile carriers on 3rd December

EMI’s catalogue to be available in “Chaku-Uta®” “Chaku-Uta Full®” “Chaku-Movie” and “Chaku-Voice” formats

Tokyo, 3rd December, 2007: EMI Music Japan has today launched its new official mobile download site “MOBAEMI” on NTT docomo’s i-mode and Softbank Mobile’s Yahoo! Mobile (Y!keitai). MOBAEMI, which will also be available on KDDI’s EZweb from 6th December, offers consumers a paid download service for purchasing ringtunes, full track downloads, ringmovies and ringvoice products available either on an a la carte basis or via subscription.

According to the RIAJ, in the first half of 2007, mobile music sales in Japan grew by 143% compared to the year before to reach 31,859 million Yen ($290 million), and Japan’s Telecommunications Carriers Association forecasts that by the end of 2007 over 80% of the nearly 100 million mobile phones in the country will be 3G enabled. Currently EMI’s mobile catalogue includes approximately 15,000 titles across all genres of music and which are available through over 100 websites including approximately 30 MSPs. The success of EMI’s mobile strategy in Japan was illustrated earlier this year when Flavor of Life by Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru became the best selling mobile track ever in Japan with mobile sales of 6.6 million out of total digital sales of 7.3 million.

With the launch of MOBAEMI, EMI Music is aiming both to further increase the number of sales channels for mobile products and improve its understanding of consumer preferences and behaviour to benefit EMI artists and their music across all formats, digital and physical.

Special features on MOBAEMI include exclusive content, original comments and input from artists and music video directors and a breaking artists section as well as highlights of both the latest releases and classic hits from EMI’s extensive mobile catalogue.

Customers can choose either a la carte download service or monthly points-based subscription service for purchase and download. In addition, to mark the launch of MOBAEMI, until 10th April 2008, new MOBAEMI members will qualify for double points, novelty giveaways and prizes and invitations to live performances by EMI artists.

Shoji Doyama, president & CEO of EMI Music Japan said: “EMI’s strategy is to deliver our music to as many people as possible in the formats and ways that suit their lifestyles. In MOBAEMI we have developed an appealing website that offers music fans even more choice and opportunities for finding music and getting closer to their favourite artists.”


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