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EMI Music is first major music company to offer its music via DJdownload.com

LONDON, 24 October 2007: DJdownload.com, the UK’s leading digital dance music store, has signed a deal with EMI Music to bring the major label’s extensive recordings to music fans for the first time via its site.

Among the highlights of the deal, the full catalogue from renowned dance label Positiva will be made available for download from the site, including new material from world famous artists such as Ferry Corsten, The Shapeshifters, Axwell and Deep Dish, as well as classic tracks like Spiller’s Groovejet, The Ones’ Flawless, and Fragma’s Toca’s Miracle, amongst many others. Also available is the full Chemical Brothers back catalogue on Freestyle Dust, Depeche Mode on Mute and the complete DFA repertoire including LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean. Other EMI artists available to download include Massive Attack, Radiohead, Tracey Thorn, Moloko, Roisin Murphy and Hot Chip. This is in addition to key back catalogues from classic dance imprints like Credence, Feverpitch, Additive and VC Recordings.

Dance music lovers can legitimately download their favourite EMI music in DJ-friendly high quality MP3 format without any Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection or restrictive encoding formats, meaning the music can be played across all available portable digital devices and online platforms.

Graeme Rogan, Head of Digital Sales, EMI Music UK, comments “Our move to make our music available in the MP3 DRM-free format has enabled this and many more genre based deals possible. The partnership with DJdownload marks another step forward for EMI towards our goal of increasing the presence of our music in niche markets. DJdownload has a knowledgeable and committed consumer base and we look forward to engaging with this market to increase the sales and reach of all our dance related products”

All the tunes will be presented with hand selected preview samples, unique editorial evaluations of tracks and a quick and easy to use new download manager – there couldn’t be a better way to explore this new wealth of current and classic dance music.

Justin Pearse, Head of Music at DJdownload.com says “We are seeking to become the most comprehensive source of dance and electronic music on the web, but missing major label content has always left some holes. This deal is a watershed for niche players like us. Labels like Positiva have shaped commercial dance music over the last decade or so with hits crossing over from dance floor radio and we are thrilled to have them on board.”

DJdownload.com stocks music from over 4500 different record labels, uploading thousands of new tracks every month and also powers Ministry of Sound’s download store www.mosdownload.com.

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