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EMI Music France reaches agreement with VirginMega for the retail of DRM-free, superior sound quality downloads

PARIS, 16 MAY 2007 — EMI Music France today announced that it has signed a new agreement with its retail partner VirginMega enabling VirginMega to sell EMI Music’s entire digital repertoire at much higher sound quality and without the restrictions of digital rights management (DRM-free).

The catalogue of EMI Music France will be available in the VirginMega store (www.virginmega.fr) in MP3 format, without DRM and in a superior sound quality (320 kbits per second instead of 128 -192 kbits per second) as well as in the existing format. EMI’s new product offering will enable full interoperability of digital music across all devices and services and platforms.

Jean-François Cecillon, chairman and CEO of EMI Music International in London, said: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with our partner VirginMega. This collaboration will help us in our goal to offer consumers higher sound quality and the best possible experience of digital music. By providing downloads without DRM, we are addressing the lack of interoperability that has frustrated so many music fans. Our overall goal with this new product offering is to accelerate the development of digital music. ”

Jean Noel Reinhardt, chairman of Virgin Stores, said: “We are pleased that EMI is the first major music company to join us in our fight for interoperability in order to serve the best interests of consumers. We hope others will do the same.”

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