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EMI Music and MPL confirm the release of the entire Paul McCartney solo catalogue digitally for the first time ever

EMI Music has retained Paul McCartney’s solo catalogue and is preparing a comprehensive re-launch, including new digital campaigns as well as physical re-releases. This means that, for the very first time, McCartney and Wings albums will be made available across all digital platforms – more details to be announced shortly.

This amazing catalogue stretches from Paul’s first solo album McCartney through his releases with Wings to his latest critically-acclaimed studio album Chaos And Creation In The Backyard. Within these albums lies a breathtaking list of singles including Band On The Run, My Love, Let ‘Em In, and Jet.

Tony Wadsworth, chairman & CEO, EMI Music UK said, “Paul McCartney’s post-Beatles catalogue, spanning four decades, is one of the great treasures of popular music. EMI is proud to be introducing Paul’s music to the digital marketplace.”

Paul McCartney recently received the Album of the Year award at the Classical Brit Awards for his classical album Ecce Cor Meum.

Paul McCartney releases his next studio album Memory Almost Full on 4th June 2007.

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