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EMI is first music major to ink digital deal in Vietnam

SINGAPORE, 3 MAY 2007 — EMI Music, through its Singaporean unit, has become the first major music company to make its content available for digital distribution in Vietnam following an agreement with Mobile Solutions Services (MSS), the leading local mobile distribution and content aggregation company.

Under the agreement, which is effective immediately, MSS will be EMI’s exclusive mobile service provider for the Vietnamese market, dealing directly with mobile networks there. EMI’s entire digital catalogue of international and Asian music will be made available to MSS for all of EMI’s mobile music products which includes downloads, ring tunes, ring backs and wallpapers.

MSS is the number one company in Vietnam for mobile content with established partnerships with all the major mobile networks in the country as well as leading terrestrial TV station Binh Duong TV and cable channel Ho Chi Minh City TV.

Mohan Mahapatra, managing director of EMI Music Singapore said: “We are very pleased to have agreed this partnership with MSS at a time when Vietnam is making such rapid economic progress. The mobile music market there is beginning to emerge and we are confident we can play a leadership role along with MSS in developing and growing a legitimate music business in the country.”

MSS, which officially launched in May 2006, is Vietnam’s leading supplier of value-added services and state-of-the art mobile distribution technology. It has as its partner IDG Ventures Vietnam, a subsidiary of global venture capital firm IDG.

Vietnam, which has population of over 80 million, about 60% of whom are under 30 years old, is currently experiencing very rapid rates of growth in mobile phone usage with hundreds of thousands of new users being added each month.

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