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EMI CMG Distribution taps Propeller Consulting to focus on faith-based, family entertainment DVDs and games

NASHVILLE, TENN September 6, 2007 – EMI CMG Distribution, a leading Christian music distribution company, has tapped Propeller Consulting to help it further develop the faith-based home entertainment category. Propeller, one of the leading marketing, branding and consulting firms in the faith and family entertainment industry, has a strong history of success, working on development of such projects and corporations as TiVo, Direct TV, Jonah, A VeggieTales Movie; Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia and Facing the Giants.

Propeller Consulting has been tasked with creating customized business growth and development plans according to the needs of each studio and major retail group, in order to maximize the customers’ experience in stores around family home entertainment. Propeller will consult with EMI CMG Distribution’s sales and marketing teams, to broaden the company’s capabilities beyond its well-known expertise in Christian music to the rapidly expanding faith-based home entertainment category, which includes film and video games.

“We believe Propeller can create plans to help us drive traffic and grow sales for our retail partners while connecting our studio partners to the faith-based audience,” states Greg Bays, senior vice president of sales and marketing, EMI CMG Distribution. “We are thrilled to be in business with the Propeller team. They understand our vision and strategy as well as our retailers and studio partners. They have unparalleled experience in the faith and family market and are uniquely positioned to help us better contribute to the success of this market.”

With a combined experience of 100 years in the entertainment industry, Propeller Consulting brings a team with a myriad of knowledge to the table. Propeller’s vice president, Bob Elder will be involved at a high level with the EMI CMG projects, specializing in retail and distribution. In addition to Elder and the overall team at Propeller, Bob Prosen, an industry veteran with over 15 years of marketing and strategy experience, has been retained by Propeller as a dedicated resource for this initiative. Prosen will locate onsite at EMI CMG.

“Our Propeller staff is as excited about this strategic initiative as anything we have been involved with in a long time,” says Elder. “With the strong reputation and history of a company like EMI CMG coupled with the diverse marketing and branding business experience that Propeller brings, this new relationship has the potential to provide a synergy and results beyond what this industry has experienced so far.”

Products which will be marketed through this new initiative will include family-friendly and faith-based DVDs from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Genius Products, Gaiam/GT Media and Guardian Studios among others, as well as video games from Digital Praise and Third Day Games.

About Propeller Consulting (www.propellerconsulting.net):
Propeller provides marketing solutions for family-friendly entertainment companies targeting the faith-based consumer. Its full range of services offer strategic planning, brand management, product development, media planning, promotional program management, and other sales-related functions. Since its inception, Propeller clients have included Disney, Reel FX, Anchor Bay Entertainment, TiVo, DIRECTV, Genius Products, Indelible Creative Group and many others. For more information, visit www.propellerconsulting.net

About EMI CMG Distribution (www.emicmg.com):
Billboard Magazine’s annual Top Christian Music Distributor since 1995, EMI CMG Distribution was founded in 1994 to serve as the main distribution outlet for EMI CMG’s owned and distributed labels to the US Christian and general retail marketplace, and the international Christian marketplace. In addition to distributing EMI CMG fully-owned labels, which include EMI CMG Label Group’s Sparrow, ForeFront, and Credential imprints, as well as EMI Gospel and Worship Together, EMI CMG Distribution has exclusive distribution agreements with Tooth & Nail/BEC, Gaither Music Group, Gotee, Genius Entertainment, Big Idea, Hal Leonard, Inpop, Midas Records, Troubadour for the Lord, Universal Music Group, Guardian Studios/Bananas, Safe Side and Digital Praise. EMI CMG Distribution is a division of EMI CMG, a unit of EMI Music, part of EMI Group (www.emigroup.com) and one of the world’s leading music companies.

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