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EMI appoints Sly Bailey as Senior Independent Director

LONDON, 9 FEBRUARY 2007 — EMI Group plc has appointed Sly Bailey as Senior Independent Director, succeeding John Gildersleeve who recently became Chairman of EMI Group.

Currently the Chief Executive of the UK’s largest newspaper publisher, Trinity Mirror, Bailey has been a Non-Executive Director of EMI since April 2004. She will now also chair EMI’s Remuneration Committee.

Bailey, who is 45, has had a distinguished career in the media and publishing industry. Since February 2003 she has been chief executive of Trinity Mirror which has a portfolio of over 500 media brands, including over 260 newspapers and 300 websites, and employs around 11,000 people across the UK.

Between 1989 and 2003 Bailey held a number of executive positions with IPC Media, the largest consumer magazine company in the UK, and led its sale to AOL Time Warner in 2001. She joined the company’s board in 1994 and became Chief Executive in 1999. Bailey began her career in 1984 as a sales executive with The Guardian newspaper before moving to The Independent newspaper in 1987.

Bailey is also a director of The Press Association, is the president of NewstrAid, a charity for the newspaper distribution and retail industry, and is a board member of the NSPCC Stop Organised Abuse Appeal.

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