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EMI appoints Pat O’Driscoll to Investor Board

London, 12 November 2007: EMI Group, one of the world’s leading music groups, is delighted to announce the appointment of Pat O’Driscoll, Chief Executive of Northern Foods until February this year, to its Investor Board.

Pat, who prior to Northern Foods held a number of senior roles within Shell’s retail businesses, will work with the EMI in assessing the talent within the EMI Group and assisting with the Group’s culture change.

This appointment marks a further strengthening of EMI’s Investor Board, which was established in August 2007 following Terra Firma’s successful acquisition of the group. Last week the group announced the appointment of Mike Clasper, former Chief Executive of BAA plc, and Billy Mann, the renowned music producer, to the Board.

The Investor Board is currently engaged in looking at all aspects of EMI and its business to determine the best way the group should move forward to capture the opportunities available to it in the rapidly-changing music industry.

Guy Hands, Chairman of EMI, said: “I am very pleased that Pat has agreed to join the Investor Board of EMI. She is taking on the vital role of ensuring that EMI makes the most of its people and the vast amounts of talent available to it.”

Pat O’Driscoll said: “It is clear to everyone that EMI’s employees have an enormous wealth of talent. The skill, knowledge and commitment of its people are the best in the music industry. It is Terra Firma’s role, as EMI’s new owner, to ensure that the group makes the most of that skill, by empowering EMI’s staff and revolutionising EMI’s culture to, quite simply, bring more music to the world. I am very much looking forward to my new role on the Investor Board and advising EMI on making the most of its people.”

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