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EMI appoints Mike Clasper and Billy Mann to investor board

(London, 5 November 2007): EMI Group, the leading global music business, is delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Clasper and Billy Mann to its Investor Board to assist in the transformation of the group.

Both will provide guidance and advice in all areas of the Group. As well as sitting on the Investor Board, Mike will advise on and review the development of EMI’s manufacturing, logistics and sales operations around the world. Billy meanwhile will provide creative input to the Group and the Investor Board and advise on artist relations.

Mike Clasper was the Chief Executive of BAA plc, the world’s leading airports group, between 2003 and 2006 and prior to that President of Global Homecare at Procter & Gamble.

Billy Mann, the renowned record producer, song writer and music entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Stealth Entertainment, and has worked with many of the leading names in the music industry today, including: Pink, Sting, Joss Stone, Take That, Celine Dion, Martina McBride, Jessica Simpson, Delta Goodrem, Ricky Martin and Art Garfunkel. He has recorded sales of over 60 million records over the past ten years, as well as multiple top 10 singles around the globe, through his various collaborations. Mann has also been a nurturer of various new artists and songwriters including Teddy Geiger, and Esmeé Denters.

These appointments mark a significant strengthening of EMI’s Investor Board which was established in August 2007 following Terra Firma’s successful acquisition of the group. The Investor Board has been given the task of overseeing EMI’s strategic review. Current Board members comprise: Guy Hands, Lord Birt, Chris Roling, Ashley Unwin, Mark Hodgkinson, Riaz Punja and Phil Burns.

The Investor Board is currently engaged in looking at all aspects of EMI and its business to determine the best way the group should move forward to capture the opportunities available to it in the rapidly-changing music industry.

Guy Hands, Chairman of EMI, said: “I am delighted to welcome Mike and Billy to the Investor Board of EMI. Mike has had extensive experience of running successful businesses across the world and leading innovation in a variety of business sectors. Billy meanwhile will help balance what is a very business and consumer focused investor board by providing creative input. We are all looking forward to their contributions.

“The recorded music industry today faces some enormous challenges but also tremendous opportunities to build on the central role that music plays in all our lives. With the arrival of Mike and Billy I feel confident we have a team that can work alongside EMI employees and artists to identify and exploit those opportunities and build EMI’s powerful market position over the long-term.”

Mike Clasper said: “The music industry needs to change and the transformation going on within EMI gives the Group the opportunity to lead that change. I am very pleased to be working with Guy and the team at EMI to take the business forward and will focus particularly on the development of the very best distribution, supply chain and logistic operations around the world to maximise its returns from the vast array of talent and intellectual property it owns.”

Billy Mann commented: “From the first day, Guy Hands and Terra Firma have been consistent about empowering the creative community and the consumer first and foremost. Instead of approaching artists as if it is a privilege to be signed to a major label, Terra Firma is devoted to reaffirming the fact that for any music company it is a privilege to represent and support artists. With this in mind, I couldn’t be more excited to join their innovative efforts.”

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