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EMI announce multi-territory download deal with The Licensing Angeny (TLA) and Lightspeed Research

Consumers to receive EMI Music and video downloads upon completion of market research questionnaires

LONDON, 18th January 2008: EMI Music today announced a partnership with The Licensing Agency (TLA) to supply music and video downloads to consumers upon completion of Lightspeed Research questionnaires. Music fans will be incentivised to complete the market research questionnaires, which span a wide range of topics, by receiving a code which can be redeemed for a download of their choice from an extensive library of EMI tracks and videos. The downloads can be found at the Lightspeed Research music download platform, www.songs4surveys.com, designed by mc-creation.com, part of the TLA Group.

The multi-territory deal covers the key markets of the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands, with the US and Canada covered in a deal previously struck between EMI and TLA. Consumers will be able to make their choice of music and videos from EMI’s rich back catalogue as well as new releases, with at least 168,000 tracks made available for download in the deal from EMI artists including KT Tunstall, Lily Allen and The Chemical Brothers.

Giles Harris, Head of Music and Brands, EMI Music UK, comments “This new deal demonstrates perfectly how we are maximising the versatility of our music and videos through branded online incentivisation promotions.”

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