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EMI and Virgin Classics launch online classics club

LONDON, 1st October 2007: EMI and Virgin Classics have announced the launch of the groundbreaking EMI and Virgin Classics Club, an exclusive online environment through which classical music lovers can gain access to a range of audio and visual material. Members can strengthen ties with their favourite music and musicians, stream pre-release works and more, all as they earn Club Points redeemable for music downloads.

The Club, administered by ‘Opendisc’, is part of EMI and Virgin Classics’s strong focus on consumer relations, creating connections between artists and audiences. It will be open to purchasers of all EMI and Virgin Classics recordings released from September 2007 marked with the ‘Opendisc’ logo. This is the first time that a record company has offered exclusive content to CD buyers on a label-wide scale.

Purchasers of EMI and Virgin Classics ‘Opendisc’ CDs will be invited to place the disc into their internet-connected computer, where they will have the chance to create their membership profile. This straightforward process will grant them exclusive access to the Club without any software or copy protection systems being installed on their computer. Participants can opt out of the registration process at the click of a button. Pilot schemes have indicated that consumers value this free and optional access.

Members will be rewarded with exclusive content including pre-release listening sessions, mini-documentaries, artist interviews and photo shoots. Material will be refreshed regularly to ensure a truly rewarding experience for Club members, adding value to their CDs at no extra cost.

Members will be given the opportunity to address questions to a panel of experts and to EMI and Virgin Classics artists themselves. Answers to selected questions will be posted in the Club each month.

In a scheme administered by ‘Opendisc’, members can collect Club Points by buying EMI and Virgin Classics CDs or by engaging in surveys. The 100 Club Points allotted to each purchased CD will entitle members to download a free track from the available Club catalogue.

In September, Club members will have the choice to sample future releases by Nigel Kennedy, Martha Argerich and Antonio Pappano; preview mini-documentaries on Kennedy and the Choir of King’s College Cambridge; join exciting young British soprano Kate Royal in the first episode of an exclusive new video podcast series; pose questions to the artists that they most admire; exchange Club Points for free music downloads.

William Benthall, Director – Digital for EMI Classics, said, “The Club adds a fresh dimension to EMI and Virgin Classics CDs. It gives music fans an unprecedented opportunity to engage with great artists and recordings and it gives artists the chance to further strengthen relationships with their audience.”

As EMI and Virgin Classics continue to embrace the digital age, both music lovers and artists alike stand to benefit. There is every good reason to join the Club!

Forthcoming ‘Opendisc’ releases that give access to the EMI/Virgin Classics Club:

  • Evgeny Kissin: Mozart & Schumann Piano Concertos
  • Kate Royal: Kate Royal
  • Zbignew Preisner: Silence, Night and Dreams
  • Sabine Meyer & Emmanuel Pahud: Nielson Concertos
  • Choir of King’s College, Cambridge: I Heard a Voice
  • Sarah Chang: Vivaldi Four Seasons
  • Martha Argerich: Shostakovich Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Orchestra
  • Nigel Kennedy: Polish Spirit
  • Fabio Biondi: Vivaldi Concerti per viola d’amore
  • William Christie: Haydn, The Creation
  • Jonathan Biss: Beethoven Piano Sonatas
  • Antonio Pappano: Respighi Roman Trilogy
  • Renaud & Gautier Capucon: Brahms Double Concerto
  • Emmanuelle Haïm: Handel Dixit Dominus, Bach Magnificat
  • Philippe Jaroussky: Carestini, The Story of Castrato

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